Many engaging activities and discussions have already taken place and several others are planned over the course of the next 6 months. Below is a summary of some of these activities and outputs of WHAF 2017.

Roundtable Session Key Outputs

De-risking and Financial Access: Shared the research findings and informed policy

A meeting was held in Washington DC on 14th and 15th December 2017 to plan for a roundtable to be held in April 2018 with key stakeholders including US policy makers and financial regulators
The de-risking paper on the Yemen case study was launched at the Overseas Development Institute on 8th February 2018, engaging key stakeholders
A public lecture will be held at the London School of Economics on the Syrian Case Study, along with key findings from the Sudan and Pakistan case studies
We shared the findings of the de-risking research report at the International Stakeholder Dialogue at The Hague on 15th February 2018, involving the World Bank, government policy makers, regulators and ACAMS hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Finance and Human Security Collective
A key stakeholder meeting will be held on 3rd of May 2018 in Washington DC with US policy makers, financial regulators and NPOs.
Findings of the de-risking research report from several country case studies will also be shared at the International Humanitarian Studies Conference at The Hague in August 2018
Consider a training programme for local NGOs to raise awareness of bank de-risking and preventative measures to contribute to both financial integrity and financial access.
Localisation Agenda: Shared Recommendations  The summary recommendations of the Localisation roundtable have been shared with the Charter4Change group and other channels
The recommendations have been shared with relevant donors including DfID, ECHO and the Swiss Government
The recommendations have also been shared with participants at the UNOCHA Global Policy Forum and with the Grand Bargain localization work stream members. We hope that all those who have received the recommendations will bear them in mind when looking at their 2018 work plan and future initiatives
We will continue to champion the recommendations in order to maintain the momentum on these key priorities around locally led humanitarian action

Conflicts and Crises: To continue the advocacy work 

The outputs from the roundtable will be used to engage in advocacy work with UNHCR in order to influence the Global Compact on Forced Migration, and feed into the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework
IRW in collaboration with the Joint Learning Initiative network are conducting research on protection in refugee settings
IRW will launch its policies on GBV at the UN Commission on the Status of Women session 62 held in New York in March 2018. The Gender Justice Declaration will also be launched at 2 high level meetings and at CSO level. IRW also engaged in a workshop on Sexual Violence in Conflict in Iraq in early January
A presentation on Climate Refugees was delivered at a climate change makers conference
Relevant recommendations from WHAF will be shared at a conference in Iraq in April 2018 on Rebuilding and Reconstruction

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