We build bridges between different actors to discuss challenges to humanitarian action and how to overcome it. We bring humanitarian actors together as equals through training and dialogue, working internationally. Our stakeholder conferences brought organizations that need to work better together. We provided a framework for reaching agreements and a safe environment for all NGOs to learn from and understand the views of different aid actors. We connect key people in the midst of complex emergencies, often within weeks of the start of an emergency. Our roundtables enable influential humanitarian actors to meet and make connections on a safe and neutral territory.

An excellent example of the impact of the work of The Humanitarian Forum can be seen in the recent involvement in the preparation for United Nation initiative the World Humanitarian Summit, a global reassessment of the humanitarian system. Since January 2014 The Humanitarian Forum has organised 39 consultations in 35 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the MENA region with 1,940 participants representing 1,324 humanitarian organisation, grassroots communities and national NGOs, government representatives, affected communities and members of the media The Humanitarian Forum has successfully facilitated intensive discussions between culturally diverse organisations by nurturing mutual trust, advocating for advancement of humanitarian principles and to refocus on ending human suffering. It launched a campaign to #ReHumaniseAid.

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