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Our current work is focused on the consultation process that is taking place ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit planned for May 2016 in Istanbul. Below you can find a list of consultations organised by The Humanitarian Forum and our partners. After each consultation, we compiled a report and presented to UN OCHA who are organising the World Humanitarian Summit.

4th-5th December 2015
WHS Partners Meeting in Istanbul

26th – 28th January 2015
Second Coordination Meeting for Arab Humanitarian Organisations in preparation for The World Humanitarian Summit 2016 at ISESCO Headquarters, Rabat, Morocco.

6th January 2015
UK Diaspora Consultation at Europe House, London, UK

20th December 2014
Canadian National Consultation, Toronto, Canada.

13th & 14th December
Palestine National Consultation

30th November 2014
Balkans sub-regional consultation, Skopje, Macedonia.

24th November 2014
Syrian National Consultation, Gaziantep, Turkey.

20th November 2014
Iraq National Consultation

6th November 2014
Lebanon National Consultation

20th September 2014
First regional co-ordination meeting- Amman, Jordan

17th September 2014
Saudi Arabia National Consultation

3rd and 4th September
Libya National Consultation

22nd June 2014
Jordan National Consultation

18th June 2014
Yemen National Consultation

9th June 2014
Kuwait National Consultation

25th May 2014
Bahrain National Consultation

24th May 2014
Qatar National Consultation


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