What is #RehumaniseAid?
#RehumaniseAid is an urgent call to reposition human needs at the heart of humanitarian responses, in the form of a statement that will be presented to the UN ahead of the World Humanitarian Summit to be held in Istanbul in May 2016. The summit will follow two years of soul searching and consultations with multiple aid actors in the global humanitarian system. The aim of the summit and the research process preceding it is to learn about the best ways the humanitarian community and the UN can #reshapeaid, ensure its delivery, population recovery and that the transitional development stages are more effective.

How did the statement come about?

After a 2 year process that involved organising and facilitating consultations in 35 countries, we have captured the main ideas of national humanitarian NGOs across the world. The discussion on improving the humanitarian system continues as new NGOs are formed every day to meet the increasingly complex humanitarian needs of the world’s affected populations. In addition to everything being discussed and contributed, we want to offer something to the UN that reflects the aspirations of the first responders to crises whose voices are rarely heard.  The statement captures what its supporters want humanitarian aid to look like. To see who’s supporting the statement, click here.

Who is behind the statement?
The Humanitarian Forum have prepared the statement but we do not own or take credit for it. The statement only exists because of the work of our partner organisations and all those who attended the consultations. This is a joint effort and is owned by all those who support it.

We have developed this statement in collaboration with partner organisations who organised 39 consultations with us. It is based on deliberations and discussions that resulted in reports capturing the information provided by a total of 1,940 attendees.

Who are the partners?
Respected humanitarian organisations from 35 countries.

How many organisations have signed?
The list is growing and we update it everyday. Please see our signatories page for more details on the organisations who support this effort.

What’s the purpose of the statement?
We want the voices of the people who attended consultations to be heard by the UN and reach international platforms and more broadly throughout the main channels for discourse on humanitarian aid. This statement will be shared widely and will help amplify those voices.

Who will it be sent to?
Dr. Jemilah Mahmoud, chief of the World Humanitarian Summit secretariat.

What can I do?
1) JOIN the growing list of signatories by adding your name to the statement below
2) ENGAGE with your local media and local government about the need to #RehumaniseAid
3) TRANSLATE this statement into your local language and let others know you’re taking part.
4) SHARE it with your colleagues in the humanitarian sector via LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook or by emailing them the pdf version.

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