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Who we are


Humanitarians from different cultures working together to save lives.


Our mission is to;

  • improve the lives of those in need by promoting principled humanitarian practice where the delivery of aid is maximised.
  • improve trust between communities and relations between humanitarian actors, through partnership building and quality humanitarian action.
  • promote hope in humanity, by advocating for inclusion, access, greater transparency and accountability for all.
  • promote the voices and aspirations of local humanitarian actors, by providing them with support and an international platform for dialogue that is a conducive and collaborative

Drawing from our diversity, local knowledge and global expertise, The Humanitarian Forum aims to inspire ‘Northern’ and ‘Southern’ humanitarian leaders to work better together.

We achieve our goals by focusing on collaboration between humanitarian and development organisations to empower local organisations and support accountability and transparency. We work on two levels; internationally, we promote inclusion, access and partnership working. Nationally, we support NGO fora and networks to improve the work of NGOs to ultimately strengthen communities and save lives.

Meeting the need

Our organisation grew out of a belief that humanitarian work should be a place where diverse communities can come together and find common areas of cooperation. It was founded on the back of discussions held in 2005-6 amongst an international Steering Committee and during 14 consultation workshops in 14 countries.

We complement the work of others by bringing actors together to fill gaps in existing systems. We do not duplicate effort, implement humanitarian projects or promote particular organizations.

We are a global alliance of key humanitarian and development organisations that reaches across boundaries. We are a safe, neutral space to mediate different views, share skills and challenge misperceptions.


The Humanitarian Forum’s objectives are to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and the efficient use of charitable resources, for the benefit of the public, throughout the world by providing information, guidance, training, technical and professional support and assistance to NGOs, charities and other organizations established to further charitable purposes.


  • Promoting and fostering partnerships with and among NGOs involved in humanitarian work;
  • Facilitating closer NGO co-operation and co-ordination including local government and state government involvement;
  • Promoting and supporting professional humanitarian NGOs through capacity strengthening, training, promotion and application of humanitarian principles and standards