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“Workshops of Exchanging the Humanitarian Affairs” in Gazi Antep

Union of Syrian Civil Society organizations in the Collaboration with the The Humanitarian Forum Invite you to Attend:
“Workshops of Exchanging the Humanitarian Affairs”
1-Parternerships between the humanitarian organizations (the independency and parity. 2-Experiences and examples in leading the media campaigns (the (advocacy in the social media. 3-Effectiveness and quality standards in organizations and networks of the civil society. 4-The institutional differences between the relief and development organizations.
In 7-8 January of 2017 in Teymur hotel in Gazi Antep From 09:00 until 17:00Including elite of humanitarian organizations experts on the worldwide: Dr. Hany El banna Dr. Ibrahim Alawad Dr. Muhammed Alsos Dr. Tarik Afifi
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