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Meet our Team

President | Dr. Hany El-Banna

Dr Hany El-Banna was born in Egypt in 1950 and originally trained in Medicine both in Egypt and the UK. He is the founder of several charities including Islamic Relief, Muslim Charities Forum and International HIV Fund.

Executive Director | Mr. Rawaad Mahyub

Rawaad has been working in the field of social development for over 14 years, designing and delivering programmes in education, health, livelihoods and youth leadership, on a local and international level. Recently, he has done some work on the impact of counter terrorist financing on NGOs, contributing to a Syrian bank de-risking research study. He graduated with a Masters in Chemistry from York University and an MBA from the University of Birmingham. He is married with 2 children and is an active sportsman.

Head of Finance | Mr. Max Wahid

Max manages the Finance assignments of The Humanitarian Forum. He graduated with an MBA, specialising in Finance and Accounting. During the past 8 years, he’s been responsible for the finances and administration of numerous education and health projects, for organisations including USAID and Save the Children in Asia.

Grants & Fundraising Manager | Ms Shamira Haider

Shamira works as Grants and Fundraising Manager at the Humanitarian Forum. She joined the Non-profit sector from a successful career in marketing with the British Petroleum. She worked internationally for more than fifteen years in leadership positions in the humanitarian sector managing programme, projects and funds across all sectors from DRR, Shelter, protection to Livelihood and Nutrition. She responded to some of the significant disasters in the world namely Cyclone Sidr of Bangladesh in 2007, Pakistan Flood in 2011, Haiti Earthquake in 2010 and Ivory Coast War 2012, Civil war in Ukraine in 2016 and the Philippine’s Cyclone Haiyan in 2014.   She has a degree in architecture and a Masters in Business Management from the University of Hull. She is a Sixth Sigma Blackbelt holder and passionate about changing the lives of vulnerable people, especially children and young adults. She is married and mother of two beautiful daughters, plus two cats.

President’s PA | Ms Fatima Hersi

Fatima has long experience with a proven track record of success spanning 12 years in the UK charitable sector working with the public, directors, staff and charities at local, regional, national and international levels. She started as a volunteer working at the office of Dr Hany ElBanna in 2004, who was then the President of Islamic Relief Worldwide. Fatima took on various roles within the organisation and later joined The Humanitarian Forum in 2014 coordinating THF’s role at the ‘World Humanitarian Summit’. Since 2016, she has been managing the President’s diary and global activities within her new role as executive Personal Assistant.