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Our Work

Our work centres on empowering civil society groups at all levels to reach their full potential. We create dialogue and understanding between Muslim organisations and their Western counterparts. At an organisational level, we run workshops and create partnerships with small organisations to increase capacity, accountability and expertise. At national level our national Forums give local organisations a strong collective voice. This is particularly crucial where state capacity to respond to disasters is limited, or different humanitarian communities lack coordination. Internationally, we develop strong networks of humanitarian communities, especially to deal with emergencies. We convene international and regional conferences where humanitarian and development organisations from different backgrounds meet as equals.  

Our Approach:

At all levels our work addresses five key areas of humanitarian work: capacity building and training; accountability; building bridges; coordination and cooperation; humanitarian standards. In a complex world, the combination of these areas is vital for humanitarian organisations to maximise efficiency, and ensure the people they help receive the greatest benefit. These key areas work to improve the lives of those in need, and relations between communities, though bridge building and quality humanitarian action. As well as building skills, they also mean that the civil society sector can become trustworthy and credible at national level. It can be held accountable by governments and people, and becomes a unified and sustainable sector, with more influence to make positive changes. These five areas link together to create a solid foundation for any humanitarian sector to build upon.  

Upcoming Events:


    Dr. Hany El Banna who previously initiated “The Flying Doctor” – a tour of field visits to afflicted areas around the world – is now working on the “The Humanitarian Roadshow”, which is a series of interactive lectures / workshops delivered to  audiences across the UK.


  • The Future of Philanthropy in Humanitarian Action Date: 23rd or 24th May 2016 Venue: Lutfi Kirdar Convention & Exhibition Center, Istanbul This will be a side event at the World Humanitarian Summit in May 2016 organised alongside The Hilton Foundation, Foundation Centre, UNDP, Rockerfeller Philanthropy Advisors, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, and the World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists. We aim to illustrate opportunities and best practices of philanthropic action, catalyse collaboration and explore technologies that will help us achieve this. With this conference, THF hopes to add the contribution of philanthropic voices from the global south to wider discussions on global philanthropy.